Tahira B.

I absolutely love this place!! The staff are pleasant and know their work. They are accommodating and make your experience amazing. Dr. Mahar is an expert at what he does. He aims at getting you back to optimum health and have you living life back to normal. I highly recommend this place to anyone with any kind of injuries, aches or pains!! They have a wide array of experts for everything.


Brent M.

Dr. Jay is great, seems to have many ways to get me to a better place. I truly believe he’s trying to get people healthy as quickly as possible. Not stringing patients along with never-ending appointments. The clinic is nice as are the office staff.


Jen B.

Julie DiPietro, RMT, treated the scar tissue from my recent surgery using Dolphin Neurostim. I could feel results immediately and continued to improve in the days after treatment. I will continue to follow up as Julie’s treatment was so effective not only for my scar tissue but the surrounding muscle tissue.


Jemma S.

Excellent service, make you feel comfortable and at ease. Happy for you to bring the kids along if needed even have a small room with some toys to keep them occupied. Would highly recommend


Nicole G.

The absolute best place to go for treatment in Burlington; super friendly and knowledgeable staff. My family and I have been seeing Dr.Jay for chiropractic adjustments for years and he never disappoints. I just recently started seeing Dr. Jay and Julie the RMT for shoulder pain, I saw Julie just two times and my shoulder felt completely better. I cannot even remember the last time my shoulder was pain-free! Would definitely suggest the Healing Path to anyone!


Nader O.

Friendly staff, from reception to amazing RMTs, physiotherapists, and chiropractors! Drs. Maher Obeid and Jason Rappazzo are healers!


Joe A.

When I arrived at The Healing Path for the first time I could barely stand up straight I was in so much pain. Richard one of the staff chiropractors assessed and treated me to an adjustment immediately. He identified what the problem was for me and that same week I started decompression therapy that has made a world of difference. I was amazed by two things at The Healing Path: firstly the service that they provide, all of their chiropractors on staff were extremely helpful and patient with me. Richard not only treated me when I was inside but he went so far as to help me in and out of the car which I did appreciate. All of the staff at The Healing Path are just top-notch. The second most impactful thing I thought was the amount of technology or equipment they have at their disposal. Such as the decompression therapy machine/table.


Sana H.

The staff is very friendly and welcoming at this clinic. I and my family see Dr. Jay Rappazzo. He is very thorough and provides excellent care. He really takes the time to treat his patients and make sure they are benefiting from his treatment as opposed to other chiropractors who give you a quick 5 min adjustment and then send you out the door. I highly recommend this clinic and that you give Dr. Jay a try!


Michael C.

I have suffered many years from chronic neck pain that would trigger headaches and cause me poor sleep. I looked into getting a chiropractor to see if it would bring me some relief. When I booked my appointment it was super easy and they were very accommodating. I went into see Dr. Maher Obeid for a consultation where x-rays of my spine were taken, along with a physical assessment followed by an adjustment. He was very helpful and thorough in describing what was going on with my spine and why it might have been triggering constant headaches. Since consistently going to him once a week from October 2018 until now my neck pain and headaches have reduced dramatically. I now have better sleep and am grateful for the change.

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