Scoliosis Bracing

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a progressive, lateral curvature of the spine. When viewed from the side, the spine should have curves. But when viewed from the front, the spine should be straight. Scoliosis is more than 10 degrees of curve, with rotation of the vertebrae.  The most common type of scoliosis is “adolescent idiopathic scoliosis”. Idiopathic means “of unknown origin”. Research into the cause of scoliosis suggests that there may be a genetic factor which affects the control of the growth of the spine.  Scoliosis can affect both children and adults. In young children it is a very serious condition as it can rapidly progress as the child grows.

What makes ScoliBrace unique?

ScoliCare has developed its own unique scoliosis brace called a ScoliBrace. ScoliBrace is an evidence-based, non-surgical treatment for scoliosis and kyphosis in children, adolescents and adults. It is only available through ScoliCare clinics and certified ScoliBrace Providers.

This unique bracing approach brings together the best technology, evidence-based techniques and experienced clinicians to get the best possible outcome for patients with scoliosis. No two braces are the same and your customized brace is as unique as your curve.

Each ScoliBrace is custom designed and made for the patient with the latest in 3D scanning technology and computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD CAM), using a specific design algorithm and a patient-centered approach to bracing treatment. This ensures that patients fitted with a ScoliBrace receive the world’s best possible 3D custom-made scoliosis brace for their individual curve.

Rather than using a traditional mindset of trying to immobilize the spine through a brace, the ScoliBrace approach genuinely attempts to individualize the correction and achieve an improved alignment of the spine and body posture in the brace.

The brace’s over-corrective approach harnesses spinal coupling, not 3-point pressure, to create a better position of the three-dimensional posture of the body. In this position, the brace then works to retrain the neurological connection between the brain, joints and muscles to control the body posture so that the body adapts to a ‘new normal’, ideally a straighter position of the spine.

Does your child have scoliosis?

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