Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program

The Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss program is a comprehensive approach to both weight loss and weight management.

ChiroThin is not a fad diet! It is based on and developed around the 4 “gold standards” of weight loss: dietary and behavioral modi cation, nutritional supplementation, and exercise (when appropriate).

ChiroThin is a doctor supervised program and all ChiroThin participants are pre-screened for complicating factor, poor prognostic indicators, and contraindication.

ChiroThin is not a “protein only” program. We include complex carbohydrates to help improve muscular endurance, as well as prevent excessive ketosis, hyperuricemia, diuresis, electrolyte loss, and re-feeding edema.

ChiroThin is not a “low carb” program. In fact, the average person consumes approximately 200gm of healthy complex carbohydrates per day while on ChiroThin. This is more than 2 times the amount of carbohydrates allowed for a program to be considered “low carb”. Also, this is well above the minimum requirement of 130gm of carbohydrates required by Type-1 diabetics.

ChiroThin provides a “re-feeding component” where the ChiroThin patient is transitioned back to a normal healthy diet.

All ChiroThin patients are provided with detailed instructions, guidelines, strategies, and tools to help increase the likelihood of long term weight loss success.

Our Products


  • Breaks the bad habits that caused them to become overweight.
  • Helps you learn how to shop and eat healthy foods.
  • Helps you lose up to 20-45 pounds in 6 weeks, safely and effectively.
  • Helps you become less dependent on prescription drugs.
  • Helps you reset their BMI and BMR set points.
  • Helps you change your life!

AGGR Weight Management and Support Formula

AGGR Weight Management & Control Formula AGGR is a vegetarian and gluten-free dietary supplement that supports weight management.  AGGR combines four ingredients that work together to accelerate, maintain, and break through weight loss barriers.

AGGR Supports:

  • Thermogenesis
  • Fat burning hormones Leptin and Adiponectin
  • Healthy blood sugar levels and reduced cravings
  • Appetite Control
  • Proper fat metabolism

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